Our shoes should be, above all, comfortable. However, it is no secret that the purchase of shoes, boots and sandals, we also pay attention to the appearance. Undoubtedly, leather shoes is fashionable and relevant. Over time, the leather under the influence of the environment lose their appeal and perfection. Only regular and careful care of footwear will prolong her life.

Multiple recommendations , can extend the appeal of the shoe:

1. Our shoes requires constant care, which starts with the timely cleaning of dirt. Do not leave this procedure in the morning, it is better to spend it immediately on arrival home.

2. Footwear is recommended to wash the rapid movements of flannel cloth dipped in warm water. It is not necessary to wash using hot water, as it is detrimental effect on the natural leather.

3. Shoes are beginning to wash the soles and heels, then go directly to the product. In addition, it should be done carefully to prevent the ingress of moisture into the product. After this procedure, you need to wipe shoes with a dry cloth and leave to dry at room temperature.

4. In no event should not be placed near the battery shoes, ovens or fireplaces. This arrangement makes the skin rough, overdried, and this may eventually start peeling off.

5. Do not be afraid to use ordinary paper, which is immersed in a crumpled into the sodden boots, pre-stretching insole.

6. Genuine leather shoes will last longer if you choose the right cream for the care of such products. This tool will make your skin smooth, shiny, and will serve as a reliable protection against moisture, dust and dirt. Today there is a wide range of creams of different colors and shades.

7. Each type of cream, in order to avoid mixing of colors should be applied to a separate brush. The cream should be applied to a thin layer of shoes.

8. Some time later, as the cream is absorbed, it is recommended to give the skin shine. In addition, the application of a special water-repellent shoes to help create a barrier that can protect the material from exposure to moisture and detrimental salt.

9. Such means is recommended to apply to the skin on a regular basis, and in the dry season - at least once a month.

10. Help soften the skin such tools available as glycerin or petrolatum. It gives the skin shine solution prepared from the usual children's soap and ammonia mixed in equal proportions. Oil stains can be removed with a shoe in the usual vegetable oil. To get rid of small scratches and scuffing, it is recommended to use ordinary nail polish.

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