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Step to comfort!

Дата публікації: 14 січня 2015 13:15

Шаг на встречу комфорту!

No matter how beautiful high heels, fashion should shift toward the equator comfortable shoes, as fashionistas bang on trend taking comfort.Today at the peak of their popularity is & nbsp; light cloth shoes on natural rope or braided soles & nbsp; under the intricate name & nbsp; Espadrilles . & nbsp; They are both female and male. Universal and weightless at the foot of espadrilles, resembling in appearance the usual slippers, announced this must have & nbsp; season.

Espadrilles Flats & ndash; extremely convenient form of casual shoes for the summer.And they are suitable for styles that are most commonly used in the bows on each day: & nbsp; casual , & nbsp; street & nbsp; and marine style, & nbsp; Military & nbsp; and Safari .In all of these styles espadrilles come to the place, decorate bows will add originality, besides provide comfort.

When compiling summer wardrobe opinion often falls on the bright gorgeous sandals with studs.However, the comfort should not be forgotten: buy a pair of espadrilles for summer and enjoy their comfort and variability in daily bows.

1398938505_what_is_espadrilles_and_what_they_wear_13.jpg (690 & times; 984) 1398938430_what_is_espadrilles_and_what_they_wear_04.jpg (690 & times; 968) 80496636.jpg (525 & times; 787) 1398938437_what_is_espadrilles_and_what_they_wear_06.jpg (690 & times; 863) 1398938485_what_is_espadrilles_and_what_they_wear_05.jpg (690 & times; 931)

In addition to the popular female models and & nbsp; Mens espadrilles .They are more reserved and laconic, but no less loved:

i5Ras-ECxhangy3rWU-rlw-article.jpg (578 & times; 800) mugskie-espadriliyi-1.jpg (500 & times; 751)

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