Diadora - Olympic spirit for decades

    Diadora is the world's most popular Italian company, which produces a clothing, a footwear and accessories for sport, whose headquarters is located in Caerano di San Marco in the province of Treviso.

    Diadora brand appeared in Veneto, after the end of World War II, when the production experience of mountain shoes and boots was successfully replicated . The company's founder, Marcello Daniele chose the name of Diadora following his friends' advice. Diadora means in Greek "sharing success and honors". It is not surprising, because nowadays the company has attained unprecedented popularity among athletes worldwide.

    In 1966, the historical emblem of the Diadora brand appeared. "Five rings" that embodied the Olympic spirit added the style to the brand and supported a successful prosperity for decades. In 1976 the company joined the football world and signed a long term contract with Roberto Bettega, then the list of players who had been wearing Diadora brand shoes significantly expanded. In the 90s Diadora continued cooperation with many well-known world players, that ensured a great success in the development .

    Today, Diadora is the largest manufacturer of sports footwear. The company's offices are located in Hong Kong, Spain and the USA. Tens of millions of pairs are sold every year, and hundreds of thousands of athletes are proud to wear Diadora brand shoes.

    The secret of success lies in the continuous improvement, application of new technologies. Each new collection of shoes pleases customers with new a unique design, a high quality and the Olympic spirit of victory, which penetrates into Diadora brand .

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